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Glossary of Computer Forensics Terms

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Wide Area Network

Warning banner

Text that appears when someone logs on to a company computer that tells them the appropriate use of the machine or Internet access.

Web cache

Web caching is a technique to improve Web browser performance by storing frequently requested Web pages, images, and other Web objects in a special location on the user’s hard drive for faster access. On subsequent requests for the same object, the cache delivers the object from its storage rather than passing the request on to the origin server.

Web server

A computer on the Internet or intranet that serves as a storage area for a Web page. When asked by a Web browser, the server sends the page to the browser.


Slang term for deliberately overwriting a piece of media and removing any trace of files or file fragments. (Also called Nuking)

Wireless network card

An expansion card present in a computer that allows cordless connection between that computer and other devices on a computer network. This replaces the traditional network cables. The card communicates by radio signals to other devices present on the network.


A physical device that prevents a computer from recording data on an evidence disk.

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