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Glossary of Computer Forensics Terms

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Network Interface Card (NIC)

A piece of hardware used to connect a host to the network. Every host must have at least one network interface card. Every NIC is assigned a number called a Media Access Control (MAC) address.

Network port scanning

The process of probing selected service port numbers over an IP network with the purpose of identifying available network services on that system. Network port scanning is an information-gathering process often helpful for troubleshooting system problems or tightening system security, but it is often performed by hackers as a prelude to an attack.

Network spoofing

In network spoofing, a system presents itself to the network as though it were a different system (system A impersonates system B by sending B’s address instead of its own).

Network worm

A worm that migrates across platforms over a network by copying it-self from one system to another by exploiting common network facilities, resulting in execution of the (replicated) worm on that system and potentially others.

New Technology File System (NTFS)

Windows NT file system. NTFS has an advanced structure that is designed to overcome the limitations of other file systems that have come before it. The file descriptors for every file on an NTFS volume are stored in the Master File Table (MFT), including a reference to the MFT itself. Each file descriptor contains the name and other attributes of the file along with its extents list. This list contains the location of the file on the volume. Another file called the volume bitmap describes the free clusters on the volume. Folders are stored in a b-tree structure for quick disk access.


Any single computer or peripheral connected to a network. The processing location within a network. The processing location, node, can be a computer, printer, scanner or other type of device within a network

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