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PCR Digital Forensics Services Include:

  • Technical Expert Services in Digital Forensics and Data Recovery.
  • Forensic imaging/bit-wise copies of original media - acquisitions can be done onsite or in our lab.
  • Computer Examinations.
  • iPhone, Android and other cell phone acquisitions and examinations.
  • Recovering files from damaged operating systems or hardware.
  • Recovering artifacts and data from systems when an attempt has been made to sabotage, hide, delete, overwrite or steal information.
  • Recovering data from physically damaged drives.
  • Chip-off recovery.
  • Recover deleted email, documents, databases or other artifacts.
  • Keyword searches to reveal locations of otherwise unrecoverable data.
  • Recovery of files whose type has been hidden by renaming the extension.
  • Internet usage and search history.
  • External device connectivity analysis, including recovery of serial numbers of such devices.
  • Timeline analysis, event analysis such as login dates and times, network connectivity analysis.
  • Producing declarations, affidavits and other reports.
  • Court testimony.

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